About Form 337

We know how important Form 337 is, for Major Repairs and Alterations.
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The AD Toolbox offers Form 337 in two formats:

      • Interactive (most recommended)
      • Blank PDF, in the FAA Forms Index (not interactive)

We encourage you to use the interactive 337, created from within an Aircraft Profile. It will save your information and can be duplicated, and edited, for continued or repetitive work.  The interactive 337 is preserved in your account.

    1. Either open an existing Aircraft Profile, or create a new one.
    2. From in the profile, either create a new 337, or link an existing one.

The interactive 337 can also be accessed through Forms Portal > Create New Form, but it’s best if you create a 337 through an Aircraft Profile instead.

Some benefits to the interactive form 337 are:
      • Section 8. Description of Work Accomplished allows for 4500 text characters
      • An optional “Additional Page”  allows for 6000 text character.
      • As mentioned earlier:  It will save your information in the Aircraft Profile to which it belongs.
      • It can be duplicated, and edited, for continued or repetitive work.
      • The interactive 337 is preserved in your account.

Now, PRINT your 337 to PDF:

From there, you can save the file to your computer for your records, or also  email the file to the Owner:

Or you can print it on paper for mailing.  Where to mail the 337?

Where to Mail Form 337?

When you receive the APPROVED 337 back from the FSDO, upload the scanned 337 to your Aircraft profile, to keep everything in one place.  It’s easy, here’s how:

Attach Documents to Aircraft Profile

*NOTE:  The other format is a blank PDF 337 (in the Forms Index >FAA Forms section).  It is available but we do not recommend using it because it will not be saved in your account.  It is blank, and is only for downloading to your computer. It was offered in response to frequent Customer request.


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*The AD Toolbox online airworthiness directives library is intended to be used as a guide only and should not be relied upon as conclusive evidence of AD applicability. Aircraft operators, inspectors, and persons performing maintenance are reminded that it is their responsibility under Sec. 39.3, 43.11, and 43.13 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR) to ensure compliance with all applicable airworthiness directives issued under 14 CFR 39.13.

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