Mac Safari Logbook Print Issue

Are you a Mac Safari user, having print trouble with Logbook Entries?

Below are a few examples of how the Logbook can look on screen:

This can be due to communication issues between the PDF, and Safari’s  screen display.  However, there is a quick fix:

1) Hover your mouse over the bottom center of your screen, to bring up the Print action controls.

2) Select the Ink Well icon:

3) This will open the PDF in your Mac’s PDF viewer, where you can successfully Print from there:

There is another solution that seems to work for some people but not others, likely due to OS and Safari versions:

Hit Command + P on your keyboard:

Select Landscape Orientation, and click Print:

Your Logbook entry should print normally:

If this still does not work, we’d recommend using a different browser, such as FireFox:


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Author: April Zook

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