Add IA Name & Cert Number to AD Report Lines

Do you need to ADD an IA Name to ALL the lines in your AD Report?

Instead of manually typing the name & cert # into every AD line, which is painstakingly slow, you can fill them all quickly in a few clicks, here’s how:

1. To begin, please open the AD Report you need to change.

2. Towards the top of the screen, beside Airframe Info, click the EDIT link:

3. In the pop-up window, towards the top:

Single Users: click the circle next to the name, check the “Add selected IA to all AD records in this report” box.   Click the green SAVE button:

Multi-Users: select a name from the list, check the “Add selected IA to all AD records in this report” box.  Click the green SAVE button:

4.  Now, the Report displays the name on every AD line:

5. Multi-Users can change the name for individual AD lines by selecting from the drop-down list:

6. If needed, you can manually type the name and cert# in each line.  Remember to SAVE OFTEN, to avoid data loss!



Quickly Remove IA Name from All AD Report Lines


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