About Zook Aviation

Hello, we are Reuben and April Zook, of Zook Aviation.

Reuben began his aviation documentation journey in 1991 and his wife April joined him in 1998.  Together, their experience and dedication built a strong foundation for Zook Aviation.

Zook Aviation takes government issued safety regulations, along with emergency bulletins from aircraft manufacturers, and assembles them together according to aircraft type, and delivers the package to aircraft mechanics, inspectors, owners, pilots, hobbyists, and enthusiasts, in digital format, for their review.

In addition are helpful tools that make inspecting aircraft more efficient, from start to finish, with Work Orders, Logbook Entries, Parts Tracking and even Invoicing, so they can get paid for the work they do.

If you are involved in General Aviation, or have an interest, and would like to learn more, feel free to Contact Us for more information.

Our grandsons have aviation in there genes and might just be flying in a few years!

If you’d like to get to know us, you’re welcome to send an email to us or give us a ring at (540) 217-4471   9-5   M-Thurs   EST



*The AD Toolbox online airworthiness directives library is intended to be used as a guide only and should not be relied upon as conclusive evidence of AD applicability. Aircraft operators, inspectors, and persons performing maintenance are reminded that it is their responsibility under Sec. 39.3, 43.11, and 43.13 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR) to ensure compliance with all applicable airworthiness directives issued under 14 CFR 39.13.

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