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Reuben and April Zook of Zook Aviation

Hello, we are Reuben and April Zook, of Zook Aviation, home of the A.D. Toolbox Online.  We’ve been working together in the aviation software industry for over 30 years.

Reuben’s aviation experience began in the early 1990’s when he worked at the Chester County Airport, in Pennsylvania.  He was the Parts Room Manager and served numerous other roles there, eventually learning to fly.  He began working with aviation software, which evolved over the years into now what is known as “The A.D. Toolbox Online”.

When April is not working on the current website, marketing, or instructional content for Zook Aviation, she’s likely pursuing her other passion as a Certified Wellness Counselor.  She specializes in chronic illness, and invites you to ask her anything about your health concerns.  Reuben likes to call her “Nurse April”.

For the past two decades, they’ve teamed up as both a couple and as a strong work-force.  Both holding many roles within the company, and dedicated to the customers, and working towards the mission of delivering online software to serve the General Aviation industry.

Zook Aviation has a number of employees that keep things running smoothly, so when you call or email, any one of us here are trained to assist  you.  But it’s likely that you’ll get to speak with Reuben himself.

Thank you for getting to know us.   We’d like to get to know you as well.

Meet Henry and Chase, two grandsons of Reuben and April Zook, owners of Zook Aviation.  As you can see, Aviation is in their genes!

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If you have a need for a Regulatory Library, please sign up for a FREE Trial of the AD Toolbox Online at www.AirworthinessDirectives.com!

Have more questions?  Feel free to Contact Us.  We’re happy to help.

If you prefer, call us at:

(540) 217-4471


Mon – Thurs  9 AM – 5 PM  Eastern Standard Time

Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday, however, email support is available outside of office hours.

——–COVID-19 UPDATE:——-

Our offices are now remote, and we are all working within our homes, permanently.

We have offices across the country, in different time zones, including Pennsylvania, Virginia and Arizona.

Please keep these things in mind when making a call, phones will ring in our homes.

Thank you for your consideration, and understanding.

If you need an address for a purchase order, our MAILING address is:

Zook Aviation Inc
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