How To Change Your Password

Need to change your password?

It’s easy!  You can do this three (3) ways:

METHOD 1:   At the LOGIN screen, there is a Reset your Password link:

It will ask for your email address.  This must be your account email address.  Reset instructions will be sent to you:

METHOD 2:   If you are already Logged In, you can reset your password from My Profile.  Click the “Change” link, type the new password, and click the Change button.:

METHOD 3:   Contact Us.  If you call, we can reset your password for you, to whatever custom word you prefer.


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Change or Update IA Name & Cert #

Do you need to change or update the IA Name and/or Cert # in your account?

If so, there are different ways to go about this, for Singe User and for Multi-User accounts.  Please find your account type below for specific instructions:

SINGLE User Accounts:

You will need to CONTACT US to have the IA Name and/or Cert # changed or updated.  This is done for security reasons.

MULTI-User Accounts:

1. Go to My Profile:

2. Click the Multi-User Manager button:

3. Look over the User list to find the one you want to change:

4. Click the EDIT button in the User row that you want to change:

5. Type the changes and click SAVE:

You are finished.


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Upgrade from Monthly to Annual

Need to Upgrade from a recurring Monthly Subscription to a single-transaction Annual Plan?

We do not have an “Upgrade” button, but there is a way to do it.

The upgrade is *almost* like placing a brand new order, but you MUST follow these steps or Upgrading will not work:

1) Make sure you are Logged OUT.   Yes, that’s right, Log OUT of your account.

2) Go to the Pricing page, here:

3) Look over the Plans to decide which one you want to Upgrade to:

4) On the Pricing page, click the ORDER NOW button, for the Plan you want to upgrade to:


*(If you use a different email, you will be opening an entirely new EMPTY account, and we do NOT want that!  Use the SAME EMAIL as your current existing account!)*

6) Click the red PAY NOW button at the bottom:

You will receive a confirmation email.  *Any extra time you had in your previous plan will be added on to your new subscription.*

7) LOGIN to your account, as usual.

8) Need a Receipt?  Go to Billing History in the upper right-hand corner of your screen:

You are all set with your new Subscription!


Subscribe or Renew:

Sign-up for a FREE TRIAL:

Free Trial of the AD Toolbox



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Assign Multiple Owners to One Aircraft

Have you made an Aircraft Profile, but it has more than one Owner?  That’s okay!

You can Assign more than one Owner to the Aircraft Profile.  It’s easy, here’s how:

1) Open the Aircraft Profile, by clicking the View button:

2) In the Aircraft Profile, locate the Customers/ Registered Owners section:

3) Click the +Assign Customer button:

4) Repeat +Assign Customer until all the Owners are listed:

5) If the Primary Owner is not correct, Click “Edit List“:

6) Click the Make Primary link:

7) Click the Return the Aircraft Profile button:

8) You will see that the Primary Owner has been changed:

You are finished!


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Christmas Blessings!

Season’s Greetings!

The Team here at Zook Aviation extends our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones this Christmas season.

We wish you good health, happy memories to look back on and magical memories yet to be made.

May the joy of the season give us hope for peace, and encourage goodwill to our neighbors.

God bless you in the New Year!

Happy Holidays!
Zook Aviation

*Please note: Zook Aviation will have reduced hours between Christmas and New Year’s, to give our staff time with their families. Calls and Emails will be tended to as we are able.

To find help on specific topics, we encourage you to try our Search tool.  Type in keywords and click the magnifying glass to run your search. 

We appreciate your understanding and patience.  Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year!

About Form 337

We know how important Form 337 is, for Major Repairs and Alterations.
Slide #34 from

The AD Toolbox offers Form 337 in two formats:

      • Interactive (recommended)
      • Blank PDF

We encourage you to use the interactive 337, created from within an Aircraft Profile. It will save your information and can be duplicated, and edited, for continued or repetitive work.  The interactive 337 is preserved in your account.

    1. Either open an existing Aircraft Profile, or create a new one.
    2. From in the profile, either create a new 337, or link an existing one.

The interactive 337 can also be accessed through Forms Portal > Create New Form, but it’s best if you create a 337 through an Aircraft Profile instead.

Some benefits to the interactive form 337 are:
      • Section 8. Description of Work Accomplished allows for 4500 text characters
      • An optional “Additional Page”  allows for 6000 text character.
      • As mentioned earlier:  It will save your information in the Aircraft Profile to which it belongs.
      • It can be duplicated, and edited, for continued or repetitive work.
      • The interactive 337 is preserved in your account.

The other format is a blank PDF 337 (in the Forms Index >FAA Forms section).  It is available but we do not recommend using it because it will not be saved in your account.  It is blank, and is only for downloading to your computer. It was offered in response to frequent Customer request.


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*The AD Toolbox online airworthiness directives library is intended to be used as a guide only and should not be relied upon as conclusive evidence of AD applicability. Aircraft operators, inspectors, and persons performing maintenance are reminded that it is their responsibility under Sec. 39.3, 43.11, and 43.13 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR) to ensure compliance with all applicable airworthiness directives issued under 14 CFR 39.13.

Add a Maintenance Release to Logbook Entry to Eliminate White Space

In the Logbook entries, we know the “white space” is not appealing, and we offer two work-arounds for that.

Solution 1:

If you prefer the small labels, size 3.5 x 5, follow these steps:

1.   View/Open the Logbook entry you want to edit.

2. Click the blue speech bubble  next to the word Maintenance Release.

3. Under the Common Maintenance Release Templates section, select the “Signature” option:

Inspector Signature
Cert #: [certificate number]
Date: [date]

4. Click the green button that says: “Append Maintenance Release to LSSR Comments”.

You will see that the Signature line has been added under the last word of your text.  You can EDIT the signature line that was just added. Click SAVE!

5. Print your Logbook entry on sticker or paper, manually cutting the excess white space off the bottom of your sticker or paper, with scissors or a paper cutter.

6. Adhere the print out to the Logbook, then sign & date.

Below is an article on our Help Blog that explains the Maintenance Releases, in general.  You can copy and paste some of the Releases in the article and paste them into your Logbook entry, if you like:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Solution 2:

The 2nd work around is a quick fix that immediately eliminates the white space, and that is to use the “Full Page View“, which is an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, which you would then “Print with Auto Expand” and manually cut off all white space below your writing.

1. Open the Logbook entry, and click the Full Page View button:

2. Click Print button and select Auto Expand:

You will see that the bottom signature lines comes right underneath the text, leaving no white space;


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AD Toolbox Appearance on Mobile Devices

The AD Toolbox often has a different Appearance on Mobile Devices.

Why?  Smaller screens require a different layout, to fit an entire website and retain full functionality, in a smaller space.

The two mobile devices used the most are:

    • Smart Phones
    • Tablets

An important key is knowing about the TRIBAR in the upper right hand corner of your mobile device.  This is where the MAIN MENU will be found.  Click the TRIBAR to perform nearly all functions:

Here is what the Main Menu will look like:

If you can’t find something you’re used to seeing on a larger screen, we recommend you keep scrolling down, as that item may be towards the BOTTOM of your screen.

Remember, everything is going to look different, but will still be there!

This is the Member Dashboard, on Mobile:

This is the LOGIN screen:

Need to Logout?  Get yourself to the Member Dashboard.  There you will see LOGOUT towards the upper right hand corner of the screen.

A tablet offers a better view than a SmartPhone.  We encourage you to try it on a Tablet for better visibility and for entering information.


Is there an APP for the AD Toolbox?

Not at this time.  The Site is accessible via mobile web browser.


Have questions?  Need help?  Contact us at (540) 217-4471
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Managing SubUser Accounts

If you have a MultiUser Account, it’s important to know how to manage your SubUsers.

Below are specific instructions for the different areas in a SubUsers account:

Email Address MUST be Unique & Valid
Each SubUser must have a unique username.  Our system uses a valid email address as a username.  *If their email occurs elsewhere in our system, that email address cannot be used again, and an alternate email must be assigned to them.

Change a SubUser’s Email Address –  LOG OUT REQUIRED
In order to make changes to a user’s email address, they must be logged out first. If they are not, they will lose access to your account once changes are made. Please verify that they are logged out (not just closing the browser window) before making changes.

Click below to read more about Multi-User account management:

Multi-User Account: Update Your Name, Company Name, Email Address, etc



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