AD Toolbox Appearance on Mobile Devices

The AD Toolbox often has a different Appearance on Mobile Devices.

Why?  Smaller screens require a different layout, to fit an entire website and retain full functionality, in a smaller space.

The two mobile devices used the most are:

    • Smart Phones
    • Tablets

An important key is knowing about the TRIBAR in the upper right hand corner of your mobile device.  This is where the MAIN MENU will be found.  Click the TRIBAR to perform nearly all functions:

Here is what the Main Menu will look like:

If you can’t find something you’re used to seeing on a larger screen, we recommend you keep scrolling down, as that item may be towards the BOTTOM of your screen.

Remember, everything is going to look different, but will still be there!

This is the Member Dashboard, on Mobile:

This is the LOGIN screen:

Need to Logout?  Get yourself to the Member Dashboard.  There you will see LOGOUT towards the upper right hand corner of the screen.

A tablet offers a better view than a SmartPhone.  We encourage you to try it on a Tablet for better visibility and for entering information.


Is there an APP for the AD Toolbox?

Not at this time.  The Site is accessible via mobile web browser.


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Managing SubUser Accounts

If you have a MultiUser Account, it’s important to know how to manage your SubUsers.

Below are specific instructions for the different areas in a SubUsers account:

Email Address MUST be Unique & Valid
Each SubUser must have a unique username.  Our system uses a valid email address as a username.  *If their email occurs elsewhere in our system, that email address cannot be used again, and an alternate email must be assigned to them.

Change a SubUser’s Email Address –  LOG OUT REQUIRED
In order to make changes to a user’s email address, they must be logged out first. If they are not, they will lose access to your account once changes are made. Please verify that they are logged out (not just closing the browser window) before making changes.

Click below to read more about Multi-User account management:

Multi-User Account: Update Your Name, Company Name, Email Address, etc



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About Work Order Discrepancies

After you’ve created a new Work Order, it’s time to start filling it in.  Here, we’ll go into detail about Discrepancies and Corrective Actions.  There’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get into it!

New Work Orders won’t have any Discrepancies, so you have to ADD them.  Click the blue +ADD button:

There’s a lot you can do in the Discrepancy screen:

-Add Discrepancy
-Add Corrective Action
-Add Labor Hours
-Add Labor Rate
-Add Parts Used
-Add a Document
-Convert it to a Logbook Entry
-Create another New Discrepancy

Once you’ve filled in all the different areas and SAVE, it will start to populate the main Work Order screen:

Once you have the Discrepancies in place, you can  Print, or Convert the Work order to a Logbook Entry or Invoice, to send or give to your Customer.

Another option is to Select specific Discrepancies to Print, or Convert to Logbook Entry or Invoice.  Click the article link below to learn about Select Discrepancies:

Selective Discrepancy Printing


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Download and Save all documents to a computer or mobile device

Although your Data is “in the cloud”,  active Subscribers can Download and Save all documents to a computer, or mobile device.

Every Report and Form you create can be printed to PDF, then Saved / Downloaded to your computer, or mobile device.

1. First, click VIEW to OPEN the Report or Form.

2. Click PRINT.  This will display the document as a PDF file, on screen.

*In the case of AD Reports, click Print Layout Options:

3. Next, Save or Download the PDF to your computer, or mobile device.

    •   Icon for FireFox Save/Download
    •    Icon for Safari Save/Download

You can do this every time you make a new document, or revise an existing one.

Once you have the PDF files saved, you can UPLOAD them to a few different areas within the program:

Look for the Add Document button:


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Duplicate and Copy

Need to DUPLICATE or COPY an existing Form or Report?

What CAN be Duplicated or Copied:

    • AD Reports
    • Weight & Balance Revision
    • 337
    • Logbook Records
    • Work Orders

Can NOT be Duplicated or Copied:

    • Weight & Balance with CG
    • IA Activity Report
    • ICA Form
    • Aircraft Profiles

A common reason to Duplicate Reports or Forms is a new N-number assignment.  Here’s how to keep the records from an OLD N-number to the NEW N-number:

    1. First, you will need to create a brand NEW Aircraft Profile for the new N-Number, by MODEL SEARCH.
    2. Next, Duplicate or Copy any original records, from the OLD/original N-number, that you want to go into the NEW Aircraft Profile.
    3. For each copy, be sure to CHANGE THE OLD N-NUMBER to the NEW N-Number!
    4. Next, open the NEW Aircraft Profile and LINK anything that you’d copied earlier.

BUTTONS to look for, when ready to Duplicate or Copy a Report or Form:

Duplicate button:

Copy (for AD Reports):

Most times, the Copied or Duplicated document will display TODAY’S DATE on it, so it’s easy to find when searching for the record.


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All about Invoices

When your work is done and it’s time to send your Customer an Invoice, how do you go about it?

We offer an Invoice that is more than just a template.  It’s integrated with your Aircraft Profiles, your Customer List, Work Orders and Parts Inventory.

If the work is still “in Progress” and you’d like to offer your Customer a QUOTE, you can easily watermark your Invoice temporarily with a QUOTE stamp.  Click the Edit Invoice button, then check the Service Quote box:

This is what the Quote stamp (or Watermark) will look like:

When they agree to the Quote, you can remove the stamp by unchecking the Service Quote box, and present them with the Invoice.

Once they’ve paid the Invoice, you can mark it with a PAID IN FULL stamp, by clicking the Print with Paid in Full Watermark:

And if they happen to go past the Terms window, you can mark the Invoice with a PAST DUE stamp, by clicking the Print Invoice with Past Due Watermark:

In addition to these few mentioned features, there are plenty of other helpful functions of the Invoices.  We encourage you to LOGIN and give them a try.


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Use Existing Email when Subscribing or Renewing

Attention Free Trial users, and Expired Customers:

If you’re free trial OR Subscription has expired and you’re ready to purchase OR Renew, please do so using the SAME Email that you currently have with us.


Because your EMAIL address is also your USER NAME and Account IDENTIFIER.  It is more than just an email.

If you use a DIFFERENT Email, you are essentially making an entirely NEW empty account, which will not contain any of your previous work.

Yes, occasionally, there are some folks who will TRIAL with a personal email, then SUBSCRIBE with a work email.  This is fine, just know that when you use a different EMAIL, you’ll starting over with an empty account.


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Updating the AD Toolbox

Announcement:  We are revising our code for the AD Toolbox

Nobody likes change, we know and understand this, however, just as an aircraft needs to be updated, so does a website. Change is necessary, especially when it comes to your security and privacy.

We are updating the AD Toolbox ( website, out of necessity, to make sure your online information is protected.  In the process, we are also updating the User Interface and Navigation areas.

What does this mean? 

It means some things might look different, like colors, menus and navigation panels, search boxes, actions, check boxes, buttons and links might look different.   The presentation is being updated, and so some areas of the site you are familiar with may have a new look and feel.  We are making every attempt to make things ‘work the same’, while adding new features and benefits.

We’re trying to “make the site better and more user friendly, without making too many drastic changes”.

Why is this necessary?  

In the cyber world, hackers make every attempt to obtain every ounce of information they can, unfortunately.  This site update is our attempt to keep those hackers out and keep all of your work safe and secure.

Websites are kind of like airplanes. Things wear out and need replacing. Just like aircraft mechanics do, we have to replace the hidden nuts and bolts, wires and oil (aka our code) that the pilot (aka our subscribers) never sees. This keeps everything running smoothly and safely.

When is this going happen?

Good question!  It’s a work in progress, and currently, we do not have a dedicated timeline or date of release, but when everything has been thoroughly tested and it’s ready to launch, we will let you know.  Don’t worry, we will give you ample time to prepare for the change, and that will include some up-front training tips/changes/instructions on our “Help Blog” before the release.

What should I expect, as your customer?

For Single-User accounts, besides getting yourself re-familiar with the new changes, there is no action on your part required.  Just LOGIN as usual, and take your time in looking around.  You will notice some things look different, better, newer.

For Multi-User accounts, there is some preparation required.  Before migration, you will need to make sure that every one of your Users has a valid and working email address.  This is because they will have their own Login, for the updated site.  It is necessary for your to open your Multi-User Manager screen, and make any necessary edits or additions, to ensure that every User has a valid working email address. We encourage you to do this right now, and not wait until the last minute.

What’s the good news?

Since the beginning of our revision, we’ve had to put off many customer-requested product improvements. After the revised site is released, implementing those requests and suggestions will resume. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this process.

We invite your questions! 

Yes, it all sounds scary, but we can assure you that all your work will remain intact.  If you need help with the updated site, contact us, we’re glad to assist you.


Have questions? Need help? Contact us at (540) 217-4471
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