P-Ponk Conversions

We’re often asked:  “What ADs apply to a P-Ponk engine conversion”?

Since it is not TCD’d, we do not list the O-470-50 (for example).

Here’s a note from PPonk’s website:

“Super Eagle Engine Conversion 1990 – 2019

We have sold our Super Eagle O-470-50 STCs which will now be provided through NorthPoint Aviation of Brainerd MN.  In the future, you will see the engine marketed as the NorthPoint XP470.  For STCs and additional information including currently authorized engine builders, please contact Joe Birkemeyer at NorthPoint:  218 829-3398 joeb@northpointaviation.net”

Check out PPonk’s website for detailed info:  https://pponk.com/engines/

We contacted Joe Birkemeyer (of NorthPoint) about it, some time ago, and this is what he told us:

“We do not have any AD’s issued specific to the O-470-50.  I would revert to the engine model that was used for the conversion to the Continental O-470-50 for the AD listing.  For example, if they used an O-470-R to convert, use AD’s pertinent to that model or if they used an IO-520-D for the conversion, use AD’s pertinent to that model.
Thank you.

Joe Birkemeyer”

Visit NorthPoint’s Website:  http://northpointaviation.net/

There’s some online chatter about the conversions.  Here’s one article on the subject:

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Missing ADs

If an AD appears to be missing…


*Before we get started, let us just say that we try to never miss an AD. 

1. Before contacting us, run a Single AD Search and look for the AD number that you think is missing.  Here’s how to run a Single AD Search:

Member Dashboard > Left Panel > AD & TCD Search > Single AD Search


This is an example of how to correctly type the AD number in the Search field:   18-07-03

If we list the AD, then it is in our system and can be added to your report by the methods below.

2.  If the Report is old, it may be time to Update With New ADs.  Here’s how:


3.  You may need to add an Appliance AD.  Have you tried the Suggested Appliances tool?  If not, it’s easy to check to see which Appliance ADs apply.  Click below to learn how to check for Appliance ADs:


4.  If you want to add an AD to your report that does not apply specifically to your model, but you need it in your report, here is how to Add a Single AD to your Report:


As stated above, we try to never miss an AD.  If you have tried all the above steps, and still feel an AD is missing from our system, please Contact Us and we will work to resolve your concern.

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Use the “Scratch Pad” While Reading the AD

Did you know you can use the “Scratch Pad” to record your notes while reading an AD that is listed in your Report?

The “Scratch Pad” is conveniently located to the left side of the AD document, so you can read the AD, and take notes at the same time.

Remember to click the Save & Return to Report button.



You will see that the text written in the “Scratch Pad” will transfer over into the Date/Hrs, Next Due & MOC (Method of Compliance) fields in your AD Report.  You can make changes to your notes at anytime, just remember to hit the SAVE button!

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Recurring ADs

How do you know if an AD is Recurring, or not?

Look under the Recurring column of your AD Report:

      • Yes* – This means that the AD is recurring but a specific action in the AD terminates the recurring requirement.
      • Yes – This means that the AD is recurring.
      • If the recurring column is blank, this means the AD is NOT recurring.

These fields can be modified, so you can remove the word Yes or Yes*.

If the field is blank, but the AD is recurring to you, then you can type in the word “Yes” or even state the frequency, such as “100hrs”.  Be sure to click the green SAVE button!

If you want to view only the Recurring ADs, click the orange “Show Recurring Only” button.  When you are finished viewing them, you can go back up to the same button and click “Show All” to get back to the full Report.

If you’d like to Print Recurring Only, here are the instructions:


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What Can You Get in 1 Click?

With the AD Toolbox Online, sometimes there are some great features that are only just 1 click away!  Below, we’ll show you some of the useful tools that make using the AD Toolbox even more convenient.

Have you ever performed an Annual Inspection on the same plane a year later?  Of course!   In just a click, you can make an Updated Copy and instantly add all the new ADs that have been issued since you last created or opened a specific AD Report. Open your Report and click the Update with New ADs button.  Instructions here:


Would you like to review ALL the activity you’ve created for a specific Customer?  If so, just click on their profile and you will see all AD Reports, Forms, Work Order, Invoices, Logbook Stickers, and anything else that is assigned to that specific Customer.

Curious about ALL the Regulatory Documents that apply to a specific Airframe, or Tail Number?  Whenever you see the “nFo” button, click on it and you will see all the ADs, STCs, TCDs, SBs, AMAs , and more.

nFo”  is a quick snapshot of all documents that apply to that specific airframe model.

You can even run a Filter Search one ONE screen for:  SBs, STCs and AMAs!


With 1 click, you can create either a Logbook Sticker, or an Invoice directly from a Work Order.

What else can you get with 1 Click?

  • The most current ADs – which are updated daily.
  • Instant access to your most recent activity, including:  AD Reports, Forms, Work Order and Service Invoices.
  • Your Billing History
  • Submit a Comment, Question or Concern
  • Visit our Help Blog
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How to Make a Copy of your AD Report

Do you need a Copy of your AD Report?   If so, you can retain your Original Report, while making unique modifications to the Copied Report.

In the Copied Report, you can delete or add whatever ADs you do not want to include in the Original Report, which may be specific for your Technician working on a particular job.

Here is how to make a copy:

      1.  Open the AD Report
      2. On the left panel, click Report Options
      3. Select Make a Copy
      4. Change the Report Date (if you want) so you know when the Copy was made
      5. Save your changes

You can make as many copies of the Report as you like.

It is up to you if and when you delete the copies, to retain just the original.

Give this a try, and if you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us or visit www.AirworthinessDirectives.com We’re happy to help.

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NEW! “Suggested” Appliances in AD Reports

When in an AD Report, you can view “suggested” Appliances for your Airframe.  If you’ve also added engine(s) and propeller(s) to your Report, appliances will be suggested for those as well.

Open your AD Report.  Towards the lower portion of the header area, click on the Suggested Appliances link.  It will take you to a list of “suggested” Appliances where you can check mark the ADs you wish to add to your Report.


From within the list, check off any Appliance ADs  you’d like to add, then click the Add Appliance ADs button.  This adds them to your Report.  Lastly, click the Return to Report button to go back to viewing your Report.  There, you will see the new Appliance ADs towards the bottom of your Report.


*Please Note:  The Appliance ADs in this list are “suggested”, and are not a replacement for the process of searching for ALL Appliance ADs that may be applicable to your Airframe, Engine and Propeller.

If you wish to view ALL Appliance ADs, click the Select Appliance ADs link.  It will take you to a list of ALL Appliance ADs.  From there, check off any ADs you’d like to include to your Report and click the Add button.  You will automatically be taken to your AD Report, where you will see the ADs you just added, towards the bottom of your Report.

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How to Update an Old AD Report

Updating  an old AD Report with New ADs is easy.  Here’s how:


        • 1. VIEW (Open) the AD Report.
        • 2. One the left side of the screen, click Report Options.  This will open a list.
        • ​​​​​​​3. Click the green Update with New ADs button.
        • 4. Select any ADs you want to be added to your Report.
        • 5. Click the green Update My Report Button.


First, open the AD Report you’d like to Update.  There are several ways to do this:

  • A.  From the Member Dashboard, go to the left panel, click AD Reports, then My Cloud Reports.  From there, choose from the list that appears, or:
  • B.  Also on the Member Dashboard, you will see a list of your AD Reports in the center of the screen.  Click on the Report you want to access, or:
  • C. Click on My AD Compliance Reports for a complete list of AD Reports.

Once you’ve opened the old Report, go the left panel and click Report Options.  From there, choose Update with New ADs.

If there are any new ADs that have been issued since the original Report date, a list of applicable ADs for that airframe, engine(s), propeller(s) and all appliances will be shown.

If you want all the ADs in the list to be added to your report, simply click the “Update My Report” button.

If you want to remove some ADs, uncheck the boxes next to the AD number, then click the “Update My Report” button.

Now your new Report will have the most current ADs.  The newly added ADs will be marked with a gold star.

Note:   The “Update with New ADs” function duplicates the old Report, adds the New ADs, and stamps it with today’s date.   For historical preferences, the original old Report will stay intact, unchanged.  You can always delete the old Report if you no longer wish to retain it. 

Contact us if you have any questions:   www.AirworthinessDirectives.com

Creating an AD Report

Before creating an AD Report for the first time, glance over this Guidebook for some quick tips on navigating the program:

Quick Start:  Creating an AD Report









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American Champion AD 17-07-10 Superseded by 18-14-06

New AD (18-14-06) further addresses maintenance for the American Champion 8KCAB:

The original AD 17-07-10 was “prompted by a report of a cracked hinge support and cracked hinge ribs, which resulted in partial loss of control with the aileron binding against the cove.” according to the superseding AD 18-14-06.

On January 11, 2018 the NPRM proposed to supersede AD 17-07-10, saying:

“Since  AD 17-07-10 was issued, ACAC redesigned the aileron hinge supports with a reinforcement kit to strengthen the supports and prevent future damage from developing. This proposed AD would require repetitive inspections of the aileron hinge support, installation of the aileron hinge support reinforcement kit, and incorporation of revised pages into the service manual. We are proposing this AD to address the unsafe condition on these products.”

As a Member, or 10-Day Free Trial user, you can view the newly issued AD 18-14-06 on our website at:   www.AirworthinessDirectives.com

Here is an old article referencing the prompt to the original AD 17-07-10:

FAA Issues New AD for Super Decathlons