STC’d and P-Ponk Conversions

We’re often asked about STC’d Conversions and PPonk Conversions

Though we’re not the experts, we can direct you to the right resources:

P-Ponk Aviation

P.Ponk Aviation offers several other engine conversions for different Cessna Airframes.

Call:  Steve Knopp at PPonk at (360) 629-4812

Did you know that PPonk is Knopp spelled backwards?

North Point Aviation:

The NorthPoint XP470 conversion is designed for Cessna 180 and 182 models currently equipped with Continental 470k through U engines.

Installation of the NorthPoint XP470 engines FAA approved on all Cessna 182, 182A through R Aircraft and Cessna 180, 180A through 180K Model Aircraft.

Call: William Smith at Northpoint Aviation at 218 829 3398. Northpoint bought the PPonk engine upgrade from PPonk Aviation.

Forum and Group Conversations you may find helpful for Conversion:


How to MANUALLY Create an Aircraft Profile

Need to MANUALLY Add a “Blank” Profile for a unique plane?

Currently, our service only lists Small Aircraft (weighing 12,500 lbs and under) that are TCD’d and have ADs issued to them.

We do not currently list:  Sport, Experimental, Large Aircraft, or Military-to-Civilian Conversion Planes, however there is a way to create a blank profile for these types.

If you need to MANUALLY add a plane that has a unique registration, you will first enter it as EXP (Experimental), then you can change the information after the initial Profile is set up.

Let’s begin by starting with a basic Model search.  In the Model field, type in EXP, then hit Search:

Below the Search box, you will see the Experimental line.   Click the circle, then the “Select an Airframe and Click Here” button:

The next screen is the EXP Profile, where you can change the Information:

Change the Manufacturer and Model. Click Save:

Since the plane is not TCD’s nor has ADs, you can create an AD Report, and add them manually as well.


If you are trying to add a non-TCD’d plane via Aircraft Registry, you may encounter a Notice like this one:

Follow the instructions above.


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Use the “Scratch Pad” While Reading an AD

Did you know you can use the “Scratch Pad” to record your AD Remarks while reading an AD listed in your Report?

The “Scratch Pad” is conveniently located to the left side of the AD document, so you can read the AD, and make AD Remarks at the same time:

Once your Remarks are done, click the Save & Return to Report button, (or if you want to instantly view the next AD, just click Save & Next AD):

You will see that the text written in the “Scratch Pad” will transfer over into the Method of Compliance, Date/Hrs, Next Due fields in the AD line of the Report:


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Recurring ADs

How do you know if an AD is Recurring, or not?

Look under the Recurring column, towards the right side of your AD Report:

      • Yes* – This means that the AD is recurring but a specific action in the AD terminates the recurring requirement.
      • Yes – This means that the AD is recurring.
      • If the recurring column is blank, this means the AD is NOT recurring.

These fields can be modified, so you can remove the word Yes or Yes*.

If the field is blank, but the AD is recurring to you, then you can type in the word “Yes” or even state the frequency, such as “100hrs”.


Print Recurring ADs Only


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What Can You Get in 1 Click?

With the AD Toolbox Online, sometimes there are some great features that are only just 1 click away!

What’s New:



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“Suggested” Appliances in AD Reports

When in an AD Report, you can view and add “Suggested” Appliance ADs that specifically mention your Airframe in the AD.

What’s so special about “Suggested” Appliance ADs anyway?

These “Suggested” ADs specifically mention the Airframe, Engine and/or Propeller model(s) that you have entered into your Report header.

Open your AD Report, and click the “Suggested Appliances” link:

    1. Click the Check Boxes to select the Appliance ADs you’d like to add to your Report.
    2. Then click the white Add Appliance ADs button toward the top of  your screen.
    3. Lastly, click the Return to Report button:

You will see that the newly added ADs will display a GOLD STAR , indicating they are new to your Report:

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How to Update an Old AD Report

Updating an old report with New ADs is easy!

*Note:  Updating an Old report will keep your original Report INTACT.  The Update function COPIES the old Report instantly, adding TODAY’S DATE to the NEW Report you are currently working on. So you will still have both the original Report, and the NEW updated one you’re working on today.

1. Open the OLD, previous Report
2. On the left panel, click Report Update Options, then click Update with New ADs:

3. A list of newly issued ADs will appear.  Check off the ADs you feel apply, and you would like to add. Then click Update My Report button:

4. The NEWLY ADDED ADs will have a GOLD STAR next to them, so they can easily be found: 

That’s it!


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