Cost Comparison for Monthly Plan

Considering the $49 Single User or $59 Multi-User Monthly Plan?

Debating it’s value and what it’s worth?


How does it compare to your Salary or Shop Rate?

Shop Rates can vary, but they average between $75 to $95 AN HOUR!

The AD Toolbox will cost you less than ONE HOUR per month of your average Shop Rate!

We like to think the daily cost for the AD Toolbox equals about ONE MINUTE of your average shop rate.PlaneDividerLongLet’s see what $49 or $59 can buy you, in addition to a month’s worth of AD Compliance and more:

$49 or $59 can buy you …..

SteakDinner   jeans

  • Dinner for two, usually costs around $65 these days, if you go to a decent place.
  • A pair of jeans, if they’re on sale.


It’s less than your monthly recurring:

  • Cell Phone Bill
  • Cable/Internet Bill
  • Electric Bill
  • Water/Sewer Bill
  • Two tanks of gas
  • Two trips to the grocery store
  • It’s a less than your mortgage or rent
  • Medical Insurance
  • Home Owners Insurance



Wondering what YOU GET for $49 or $59 a month?

Data provided is:

  • ADs – Airworthiness Directives
  • TCDs – Type Certificate Data Sheet
  • SBs – Service Bulletins (Incorporated by Reference Only)
  • STCs – Supplemental Type Certificates
  • FARs – Federal Aviation Regulations
  • ACs – Advisory Circulars
  • AMAs – Aviation Maintenance Alerts
  • CARs & CAMs – Civil Aviation Regulations, Manuals & Bulletins
  • Aircraft Registry – FAA Registered Aircraft

Tools, Functions and Features are:

  • Aircraft Profiles
  • AD Compliance Reports
  • Logbook Records (LSSR)
  • Work Orders
  • Service Invoices
  • Customers List
  • Parts List
  • Custom Maintenance Releases
  • Forms, including some popular Forms, such as:
    • FAA Forms:  337, and many more
    • Cloud Forms: IA Activity Report, Weight & Balance, etc

Price And Value Balance Concept

Do you think it’s worth $49 or $59 a month?  We like to think we can save you enough of time to make it worth it.  Give it a try, we think you’ll agree!

Purchase HERE and start using it in 5 minutes, or…

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