Customer Remarks


Sometimes it’s nice to get positive feedback.  Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“Hi, I’m writing to THANK YOU!! The addition you made of allowing the user to be changed is so fantastic. Thank you for doing that! It really makes my life much easier when doing log entries and needed to switch between APs. I appreciate your responsiveness and quickness in adding something that was suggested.” – NC

“It does everything I need, not just AD searches but it auto updates with the new ones! Just change the date and it offers suggestions to add to the report. It even has SBs, TCDS, and other supporting documents!  I’ve been known to spend hours just reading through everything they pack in there. Wealth of information.  Sure there are other programs out there, probably cheaper too, but AD Toolbox is my one-stop shop for everything and I don’t mind paying extra for having it all in one place…no searching all over the place, its all right here. The guys who update this deserve every bit of that extra money so I don’t have to think, I can just get the job done.  Get the 2-year renewal…totally worth it. If they had a 5-year I’d do that too…. Invoices, Work Orders, Quotes…. its all here.  And now Parts!!   I basically run my shop detail off this thing.    Best feature: Cloud-based. I can access 24/7 in the office, on the road!” – PA

Hello, I want to thank you for such an amazing product!  I went years fighting to do AD’s and then you came along.  I was only able to use it for one year because I took another job but I just wanted to say THANKS.  Your support was also amazing, I had a problem and you helped me ASAP.  Thanks for very much” –  NM

“Leaps and Bounds better than the old disc program. I absolutely Love it! It’s just sooo much much easier than the discs were”. Thank you for developing such an easy program to use”. – AZ

“I can’t believe I have used Zook since 09. It sure has changed to be a great platform.” – TX

“One of the guys and I were just discussing this morning how your A.D. toolbox is so much better than the previous AD software we were using:)” – VA

“Keep up the great work. We all appreciate it, even though most don’t let you know.” – TX

“I have to say that I love your online Toolbox! It was so easy to use, and it created a lovely, but concise report for me after I created it.” – IL

“I had used this a few years ago at a shop.  My buddy recommended you guys to me again so I used it again. I like it and your month to month pay option. That way if I don’t have any annuals lined up I’m not wasting money.  For me just starting out I have a lot of overhead costs so that’s a great option .  Thanks  so much. I’ll stick with you guys and the AD toolbox.” – OH

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