FREE Subscription Monthly Drawing

Each month, Zook Aviation runs a FREE Subscription Drawing.  The prize is a 1-Year Single-User Subscription, with a $499 value.


And, if you’ve attended an IA Seminar and stopped by our table, you will be given a chance to enter your name in the drawing.   *BONUS:  Once entered, your name stays in the drawing box, so you’ll have more than one chance to win!


Winners for the FREE Subscription:

  • February 2019:  
    • Seminar 1:  Tom G of PA – Congratulations Tom! 
    • Seminar 2:  Bart W of TN – Congratulations Bart!
  • March 2019:  Seminar Winner:  James G of VA – Congratulations James!
  • April 2019:  Seminar Winner:  Yev B of VA – Congratulations Yev!
  • May 2019:  Who’s the next winner?  Will it be YOU?

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