Known Issues

Sometimes there are bugs that have no fixes.

Currently, there are a few known issues that we currently have no resolution for, but we do have work-around options:

Issue 1 (Feb 2019-Current):  Number 4 in place of Checkmarks: When printing from Forms, the number 4 appears in place of check marks.  This occurs on an Acer Tablet with Chrome Browser.

The only current work-around we have for this is to use a different device with a different browser.  That will resolve the printing issue.


Issue 2 (Dec 2019-Current) :  Symbols that will not work in Form 337:   The greater than or lesser than symbols will not work in Form 337.  They conflict with the background code needed to print the Form.

In place of these symbols, please write out “greater than” or “less than” in place of these symbols.


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