AD-Referenced Documents

Where to find Documents referenced in an AD, such as:  Service Bulletins or Letters, FARs, Historical ADs, etc?

When viewing an AD, the Related Documents links can be found in the left panel, under the heading “Related Links”.


Click on the type of Document you wish to view (SB, FAR, etc), and a drop-down list will appear.  

Click on the title of the document you wish to view.  


The document will open, for you to view, print, download and/or save to your computer.

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Service Documents (SBs, ASBs, MSBs, etc)

If you wish to search directly for Service Documents such as:  Service Bulletins (SBs), Alert Service Bulletins (ASBs), Mandatory Service Bulletins (MSBs), etc when not directly viewing an AD, you can search for them from the Member Dashboard.

From the left panel, click on Service Documents, then choose to search by:  Manufacturer or Document Number, by Aircraft, or by AD.  

And remember… when searching… we like to say “less is more”, so try putting the least amount of information in the search field.   You’re more likely to get the results you need!


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Creating Logbooks Entries from a Work Order

From within the Work Order, you can create either:

1. A single logbook entry containing all the Corrective Actions on one sheet, or

2. Individual logbook entries for the separate Corrective Actions.

You do so by clicking the blue “Convert to LSSR” button at the top of the Work Order (to contain all Corrective Actions), or by clicking that same button from within each individual Discrepancy (for one Corrective Action at a time).

Choose the Print Option you prefer and click the Print button.

The image below is an example of Converting the entire Work Order to a Logbook Sticker:


You can see how all the Corrective actions are transferred over to the Logbook Sticker:


The image below is an example of Converting an individual Corrective Action to a Logbook Sticker:


You can see how the one Corrective action is transferred over to the Logbook Sticker:


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How to Renew Your Subscription

If your online subscription is about to expire, or already has, renewing is simple.

If you choose to renew early, you will not lose any days, as any remaining time will be added onto your new Subscription period.

It can be renewed anytime day or night by:

  1. Logging In at
  2. Going to your Members Dashboard and clicking the RENEW button:


However, if your subscription should expire before you renew, all your records are preserved and will become available to you immediately upon your renewal.

For expired subscription logins, the following renewal screen will appear with several pricing options to choose from.  Select the plan that suits you best.


*You may want to consider our great deal on two-year subscriptions, as adding a second year up-front will keep your cost much lower over time.

You can also renew by phone if you prefer. Either way you will receive a receipt via email.

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Use the “Filter Search” to find a Specific AD Report

From the Member’s Dashboard

If you’ve created an extensive collection of AD Reports, shuffling through them to find the one you’re looking for can slow you down.  There’s a faster way to find the AD Report you’re looking for… by using the “Filter Search” field.

What can you type in the filter search?  If you prefer to look up your AD Report by Tail Number, just type that into the field, such as “N123A”.  It will narrow the results down to only those Reports containing that specific Tail Number.  

From within the AD Compliance Report List

You can also search by:  Date, Make, Model, or Serial Number.

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View All Documents for a Specific Customer

Would you like to see all the documents for a single Customer?  You can by clicking on that Customer’s record.  There you will see AD Reports, Forms, Work Orders and Invoices.  And as usual, you’re able to Edit your Customer’s contact information, should they have a new address or phone number.


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How to Return to the Member Dashboard

Trying to return to the Member Dashboard, but not sure how?  Click on the small red toolbox in the upper left hand corner of your screen. This will take you back to the Member Dashboard every time:


If you’re on a screen where the small red toolbox is not showing (such as the PDF view of a document), just hit the back arrow in your browser to return to a screen where the toolbox appears.  Then you can click on the small red toolbox to return to the Member Dashboard.

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How to View the Total for all your Invoices, by Year:

If you want to show the Total for all your Invoices, you can create a summary by year.  Here’s how:

Access your Invoices either by:

  1. Clicking “My Invoices” on the left panel:AccessInvoices
  2. Or, by scrolling down in the middle of your screen (on the Member Dashboard)  until you arrive at the “My Service Invoices” section.  Click on the link in the header that says “My Service Invoices”:


Once you’re on the “My Invoices” page, click the “Invoice Summary” button:


Lastly, select the Year, by clicking the drop-down list, and hit the “Submit Query” button.  Your Invoice Total for the year will be displayed to the right:


Once you’re finished, you can either return to your Invoices by hitting the “Return to My Invoices” button, or return to the Member Dashboard by clicking the small red toolbox at the upper left side of your screen:


Contact Us if you have further questions.

How to Delete an AD Report

If you’ve been wondering how to delete an AD Report, it’s pretty simple:

1.  Open the exact AD Report you wish to permanently delete.

2.  On the left hand side of your screen, there is a button called “Delete This Report“.   Click the button:

3.  You will see a message asking:  “Are you sure you want to delete this report?  Once report is deleted, it is lost permanently. The report cannot be recovered.  Choosing Yes will permanently delete the report.  Choose and click either button:   Yes, Delete Report, or No Cancel the Request:DeleteADReportConfirm

It’s that simple.  Contact us or visit if you have any questions.