Product Improvements Update


Many of our Users have asked for specific functions that would be useful and save time.
We try to accommodate everyone’s needs, in addition to the FAAs requirements.

Below is a list of SOME of the improvements we’ve made over the years:


Process of re-writing/updating code for entire site, while making improvements to new site.  Launch is TBD.

Jan 07: Option to print Appliance ADs list in AD Report
Jan 12: IAAR show form/report type
Jan 13: Aircraft Accident / Incident PDF Doc “view”
Jan 20: AD Related links sorted

Feb 08: Dashboard Reconfigured NICE!
Feb 10: IAAR Date Sort works across multiple years
Feb 11: Created COPY instead of MOVE for AD Reports Across Accounts

Mar 09: My Customer Active/Inactive & My Aircraft in My Customers
Mar 11: On/Off for Company Name & Logo
Mar 15: Stacking of WO Discrepancies when Creating LSSR from WO
Mar 23: WO “Times” Multiple Field Addition
Mar 25: Dynamic (full page) LSSR print

Apr 12: Multi-User drop down for Invoicing
Apr 15: Added Search by N# for “New” Aircraft Profiles
Apr 22: Eliminated Monthly $49/$59 Processing Retries
Apr 27: Invoicing Payments Received

May 13: Made Co Name Customer serviceable
May 14: Ability to Edit User Receipts in ADTBX

Jun 14: Parts Inventory
Jun 16: Parts Inventory On/Off Option Added

Jul 26: Attach External Documents to AC Profiles
Jul 29: (some) EXP Aircraft have “Add to Aircraft Profile”

Sep 20: Currency Symbol & Decimal/Comma Separator
Sep 23: Flat Rate Annual in Invoicing

Oct 12: WYSIWYG LSSR Forms (WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get)
Oct 26: Filter Customers in “Create New Forms” Panel

Nov 04: Work Order Discrepancy Sorting
Nov 17: Work Order Selective Discrepancy Printing
Nov 22: Work Order Duplication

Dec 02: Heading Labels added for AEPA Info
Dec 22: Omit/Unomit ADs in AD Reports


July – Convert WO to Logbook or Invoice
Nov – Aircraft Profiles


May – LAST DISC MAIL. Online Only, no discs anymore.
Oct – Addition of Work Orders tool


ONLINE Launch.  First that the AD Toolbox was presented in BOTH the standard Disc format AND Online.


January – Zook Aviation is incorporated and Regulatory data is mailed in Disc format, on CDs.

We appreciate every suggestion and idea sent in to make our service better, thank you! Since the start, we implemented your ideas as quickly as we could. Recently, however, we initiated a full site update to bolster the code behind our service, to increase security. This is essential, and all improvement suggestions are being implemented into the updated site. We don’t yet have a release date, but stay tuned! We appreciate your patience, and keep the ideas coming!

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