Product Improvements Update

Product Improvements Update – as of Oct 2019

Many of our Users have asked for specific functions that would be useful and save time.  We are working to incorporate your ideas into our program.  A few of the top recurring requests are:


      • Duplicate Weight & Balance Forms.
      • Logbook Record:  Remove White Space, add Maintenance Release, Certification, Signature and Date lines at bottom of 8.5 x 11″ sheet.
      • Work Orders conversion to Logbook record to include:  Description, Discrepancy and Corrective Action.
      • Invoice Number to be Alpha Numeric.
      • Customer Credit in Invoice Totals
      • User Roles to limit view on Multi-User accounts

A review of past product improvements helps us see our continuing progress.  Your suggestions keep us on our toes!  Here are a few user-requested changes that have been added over time:


  • My Aircraft:  All work and records relating to a specific Airframe Serial Number.
  • Maintenance Release Statements for Logbook and Invoice.
  • Parts List:  Assign a Number, Name, Cost (to you) and Price (to your customers) to individual parts. Add Parts to Work Orders and Invoices.
  • Invoice Watermarks (Quote, Paid in Full, Past Due).
  • View Invoice Summary by Month, Quarter, and Year.
  • Manual Edit of Owner Name in Form 337.
  • Reports of Invoice Summary by Year.
  • FARs update change note in What’s New.
  • Work Orders.
  • Invoicing.


There are a few suggestions that have been carefully reviewed and considered, but will not be implemented:

      • Direct Email Invoice to Customers

If you have already submitted a Suggestion, rest assured it has been added to our in-house suggestion box for further consideration, and implementation.

If you have a new Suggestion, please Contact Us and it will be added to our in-house Suggestion Box.

*Please note:  This page will change, as improvements move from “In Progress” to “Completed” status.

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