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If I Start with a Monthly Plan, can I upgrade to an Annual Plan later?

Yes,  you can always upgrade from Monthly to Annual at any time by going to the Pricing Page, here, and choosing the new Plan:

Any extra time remaining on your existing subscription will automatically be added on to your new subscription.

*When upgrading to an Annual plan, be sure to use the same email address that is on your current account.

Can I change from Annual to Monthly?

Yes, if your Annual subscription has run out, and it is time to renew, you can choose a Monthly Plan.  Just login to your account and the new pricing options will be listed.

Can I change from multi to single User?

Yes, you can downgrade, but please note:  if you are currently a Multi-User, and downgrade to a Single-User, you will lose the ability to have multiple IA Names and Certification Numbers.  When you downgrade, all the IA names will disappear, but the “Default” IA in your current multi-user list will remain in place.

We do not offer a downgrade button, to prevent Subscribers from accidentally downgrading their account by mistake.  Contact us and we will walk you through the process, or take care of it on your behalf, if you prefer.  If you are in a hurry, here’s how to downgrade without our assistance:

      1. Logout.
      2. Go to the Pricing page:
      3. Select the Single User Price Plan you prefer.
      4. Pay for the downgrade, however please note that this screen is VITAL to keeping your existing account.  Make sure you use the SAME EXACT EMAIL ADDRESS as what you currently loging in with.  It is your account identifier.  If you use a different email, you will be opening an entirely different / new account. and you want to avoid that.

Can I cancel the subscription and still use the Online Service?

When you cancel your subscription, or your plan expires, you will no longer have access to online content.  However, your records will remain intact online, indefinitely.  You can renew at any time, which will re-activate your subscription, allowing instant access to all your online content.

Expired Access or “Email Already in Use” message:

When your access expires, your online content is temporarily locked until you re-activate your subscription.   To renew your subscription, login with your existing account email and password, and choose the price plan that suits you best.

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