What IS the AD Toolbox?

Zook Aviation has developed an online Airworthiness Directives Compliance Library for IAs, A&Ps, Technicians, Owners, Operators, Repair Stations Maintenance Schools, and General Aviation Enthusiasts.  We call it the AD Toolbox:

In the AD Toolbox Online, you will find:

FAA Regulations:

    • ADs – Airworthiness Directives
    • TCDs – Type Certificate Data Sheets
    • STCs – Supplemental Type Certificates
    • FARs – Federal Aviation Regulations
    • ACs – Advisory Circulars
    • AMAs – Aviation Maintenance Alerts
    • CARs & CAMs – Civil Aviation Regulations, Manuals & Bulletins
    • Aircraft Registry – FAA Registered Aircraft Accident/Incident (2010 and forward)
    • SBs – Service Bulletins (Incorporated by Reference Only, if obtainable)

All Regs are kept up-to-date, daily. You can view those dates on the Member Dashboard, in the “Last Updated” panel.

In addition to FAA Regulatory Data, you will also find:

FAA Forms:

Custom Forms:

These are Forms created by us here at Zook Aviation:


    • 100Hr/Annual Inspection Checklist (for Single and Twin)
Interactive Tools:
    • Aircraft Profiles – stores all information relating to a specific N-Number in one location
    • AD Lists and Reports – print a basic AD list, or a detailed Compliance Record (Serial Number Specific for Airframes)
    • Logbook Entries – small labels or full sheet
    • Work Orders – Can be converted to a Logbook Entry or Invoice
    • Invoicing – for Service, Labor, Parts, Misc (Fuel or anything else)
    • IA Activity Report – A record of Work Performed, to submit to FAA for IA Renewal
    • Parts Inventory Tracking – a very basic Parts List, with Qty, Cost-to-Price
    • Weight and Balance, plus Revision – Enter As Received, then plug in your numbers
    • Customer List – like an online Rolodex

It works on a variety of devices that have internet connection (Fiber, Wifi, HotSpot):

PC or Mac, Laptop, Tablet and even on Phones

*Note:  In the past, the service was presented on DVD.  The discs has been replaced entirely with Online based Subscriptions.  Although the Data is “in the cloud”,  you can still Download and Save all of your documents to your computer. 

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*The AD Toolbox online airworthiness directives library is intended to be used as a guide only and should not be relied upon as conclusive evidence of AD applicability. Aircraft operators, inspectors, and persons performing maintenance are reminded that it is their responsibility under Sec. 39.3, 43.11, and 43.13 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR) to ensure compliance with all applicable airworthiness directives issued under 14 CFR 39.13.

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