What IS the AD Toolbox?

Zook Aviation has developed an online Airworthiness Directives Compliance Library for IAs, A&Ps, Technicians, Owners, Operators, Repair Stations Maintenance Schools, and General Aviation Enthusiasts.  We call it “The AD Toolbox“.

What does it do?

The AD Toolbox provides a quick and easy way to perform AD Research for Small Aircraft (under 12,500 lbs).  Regulatory data provided is:

      • ADs – Airworthiness Directives
      • TCDs – Type Certificate Data Sheet
      • SBs – Service Bulletins (those Incorporated by Reference)
      • STCs – Supplemental Type Certificates
      • FARs – Federal Aviation Regulations
      • ACs – Advisory Circulars
      • AMAs – Aviation Maintenance Alerts
      • CARs & CAMs – Civil Aviation Regulations, Manuals & Bulletins
      • Aircraft Registry – FAA Registered Aircraft
      • Accident/Incident (2010 and forward)

Tools, Functions and Features of the AD Toolbox are:

How Can It Help Me?

The AD Toolbox organizes all the documents that belong to a specific Airframe, and narrowing down AD applicability to your specific Serial Number, showing which ADs apply, and which don’t.  This saves you a lot of time hunting for specific ADs.

Also, your records are securely saved online, so you never have to shuffle through piles of papers to find previous work.  It’s all at your fingertips in an instant.

Even if your subscription lapses, your records are retained.  Simply renew whenever it suits you, and gain instant access to all your records.

How Do I Order “The AD Toolbox“?

There are two ways:

If you’re new and don’t have an account, you can either sign up for a 10 Day Free Trial, or simply purchase directly from our Pricing Plans page.

If you already have an existing account, just login using the same email address that you initially signed up with.  Upon Login, you will be taken to the Pricing page.  *Please be sure to always use the SAME EMAIL, as it’s your account identifier.  If you use a different email, you will create an entirely new, empty account.

I have more questions, how do I get in touch with you?

Call:  (540) 217-4471   M-Thurs  9-5  EST

Send a Message to Zook Aviation

Visit the AD Toolbox website:   http://www.airworthinessdirectives.com

Want detailed instructions on HOW to USE the AD Toolbox?  Visit the HELP MENU for directions on how to use each specific feature and function.

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